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Terms and Conditions of Use.

Your use of Saivism.Net, or any other domain name that is pointed to Saivism.Net, or the services, information or data (collectively, "Information") provided from Saivism.Net and or from any of its sister domains owned by its owners or partners or both (collectively "the website" or "site"), is subject to the following terms and conditions. When you use this site or the affiliate links, the shopping center or any other services, or information, or links provided there from, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions attached hereto.

You are agreeing to the condition that you are using the website purely at your own risk and with full awareness of this agreement and the consequences involved and that you cannot hold Saivism.Net, or any of aliases or mirror sites or domains or other domains owned by its owners that are linked from here responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for any of the actions and transactions you might make or attempt to make from the website or intend to make with the affiliate vendors through the links provided from this website.

You are agreeing to the condition that you will not hold Saivism.Net responsible for any agreement, understanding, business partnership or relationship entered by you or your representatives in any manner directly or indirectly with any merchant partner, visitor, advertiser, email subscriber you might come into contact with through Saivism.Net or their mirror sites or alias sites or other domains owned by their owners. It is your sole responsibility to verify all the details and antecedents before venturing into any business deals or partnerships with others from or through these websites.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions set forth here, either in part or in whole, please do not use the website or any information or service contained therein. By using the website and or the information contained therein you are agreeing to the terms set forth below.

For the purposes of this agreement, Saivism.Net shall mean Saivism.Net or its owners, administrators, employees, representatives and or any other person, persons, groups or groups, associations, or partners who are directly or contractually associated with its maintenance, administration and operations.

Affiliate or vendor or affiliate vendor shall mean any other website, web page, merchant, vendor, product, service, information, free or otherwise, to which a link has been provided from any of the pages contained in Saivism.Net directly or indirectly, explicitly, or implicitly.

Use of links: The information contained in this website has been compiled based on the information available from the companies mentioned. While we made every effort to ascertain their validity, we cannot guarantee availability of these offers, nor the accuracy of the advertisement, nor the availability of the links. Promotions and special offers are subject to cancellation, end or change without notice. Please verify the availability of any offers you are interested in, before you make any decision.

Use of Site. All offers and promotions on this site are subject to change and or cancellation without notice. Saivism.Net merely provides links to its affiliate sites and has no control over the legality of any coupons, sale, marketing strategies, customer service, advertisements, or the offers made by the vendors, the ability of any of the vendors to complete the sales transactions in accordance with the offers, or the quality or quantity of the goods offered by the said vendors. Saivism.net has no control over whether vendors will honor the offers shown on this site and does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this site. In the event you have a dispute with a vendor in any way relating to this site or the use of information from this site, you agree to waive and release Saivism.net from any and all claims, demands, actions, damages (actual and consequential), losses, costs or expenses of every kind and nature, known and unknown, disclosed and undisclosed relating to that dispute.

Third Party offers and Subscription Services: Saivism.Net have no control over the the email services or newsletter subscriptions or product offers that are provided from the website through third party providers or merchant services or over the persons and entities who smay subscribe to them. Saivism.net and its partner sites have no access to the personal information about these persons and entities who visit the websites, subscribe and use the email or Newsletters or any other services. You agree to accept any email reference from any of these subscribers by way of an email address or any other information for your business transactions purely at your own risk and and you cannot hold Saivism.net responsible for any losses or fraudulent dealings or damages caused by them or disputes arising out of your interaction with them merely because you or your authorized agents have signed up for a service or an offer through our website. It shall be your responsibility to collect all the relevant information from these subscribers before entering into any agreement or understanding with them.

Privacy Policy: Saivism does not directly collect any personal information about you or your user behavior, using cookies. Howerver, certain third parties may gather information when they display advertisements on our site. For information regarding how we protect your privacy or how certian user information may be collected from our website through cookies, please check our privacy policy.

Warranty Disclaimer. THE WEBSITE, SERVICES, INFORMATION OR DATA (COLLECTIVELY, "INFORMATION") MADE AVAILABLE AT Saivism.Net ARE PROVIDED "AS IS," WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. Saivism.Net expressly disclaims any representations and warranties, including without limitation, the implied warranties of title, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Saivism.Net shall have absolutely no liability in connection with the services including without limitation, any liability for whatsoever damage or loss or injury resulting from the Information or any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the Information regardless of how caused, or delays or interruptions in delivery of the Information; or any decision made or action taken or not taken in reliance upon the Information or the lack of information available on Saivism.Net. Saivism.Net makes no warranty, representation or guaranty as to the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the Information or that the Information may be relied upon for any reason. Saivism.Net makes no warranty, representation or guaranty that the Information will be uninterrupted or error free or that any defects can be corrected. For purposes of this section, "Saivism.Net" shall include Saivism.Net and other domains pointed, or other websites owned by its owner, its partners, principals, agents and representatives, and any third-party providers or sources of information or data.


Remedies. The sole and exclusive remedy of any party against Saivism.Net by reason of a breach or default by Saivism.Net of any of its obligations shall be a return of any fees which have been paid to Saivism.Net by such party.

Jurisdiction: Venue. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the substantive laws of the United States and the state of OHIO, and any action shall be initiated and maintained exclusively in a forum of competent jurisdiction in the state of Ohio.

Before participating in any offers and/or promotions, please read the fine print associated with it and verify independently that any merchant you are doing business with is legitimate and reputable. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.



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