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Shiva Sadakshara Stotram

Shiva with the trident

Translated By P. R. Ramachander

Omkaram, Bindu Samyuktham,
Nithyam, dyayanthi yogina,
Kamadam, mokshadam chaiva,
Omkaraya Namo nama. 1

Salutations and salutations to letter “om”,
Which is meditated as a letter Om with a dot,
Daily by great sages,
And leads them to fulfillment of desires,
And attainment of salvation.

Namanthi Rishayo deva,
Namanthyapsarasa gana,
Nara namanthi, devesam,
Nakaraya namo nama. 2

Salutations and salutations to letter “na”,
Which is saluted by great sages,
Which is saluted by groups of divine maidens,
And which is saluted by men and the king of devas.

Mahadevam, Mahathmanam,
Maha papa haram devam,
Makaraya namonama. 3

Salutations and salutations to letter “ma”,
Which is saluted as greatest god,
Which is saluted by great souls,
Which is greatly meditated and read,
And which is the stealer of all sins.

Shivam Shantham jagnannatham,
Lokanugraha karakam,
Shivamekapadam nithyam,
Shikaraya namo nama. 4

Salutations and salutations to letter “Shi”,
Which is Lord Shiva,
Who is the abode of peace,
Who is the lord of the universe,
Who is the one who blesses the world,
And which is the one word that is eternal.

Vahanam Vrushabho yasya,
Vasuki Kanda Bhooshanam,
Vame Shakthi daram devam,
Vakaraya namo namo. 5

Salutations and salutations to letter “va”,
Which the God who holds in his left Goddess Shakthi,
And who rides on a bull,
And wears on his neck the snake Vasuki.

Yathra yathra sthitho deva,
Sarva vyapi maheswara,
Yo guru sarva devanam,
Yakaraya namo nama. 6

Salutations and salutations to letter “ya”,
Which is the teacher of all the devas,
Who exists wherever gods exist,
And who is the great God spread everywhere

Shadaksharamidham sthothram,
Ya padeth Shiva Sannidhou,
Shivalokamavapnothi, Shivena Saha modathe.

If one reads this prayer of six letters,
In front of God shiva,
He would reach the world of Shiva,
And be always happy with him.

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