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Shiva with the trident

Translated By P. R. Ramachander

This is a prayer addressed to Pasupathi, the Lord of the Beings, which is an epithet of Lord Siva. In the context of Saivism, the word "pasu" means not only animals but all jivas or living beings who are caught in the bonds (pasas) of life and the cycle of births and deaths. Lord Siva is the only redeemer whose grace can deliver them from these bonds and set them free.

Pasupatheendu patheem dharanipatheem,
Bhujaloka patheem cha sathipatheem,
Pranatha bhaktha janarthi haram param,
Bhajatha re manuja girijapatheem. 1

Hey man, pray the lord of the daughter of the mountain,
Who is the lord of all beings,
Who is the lord of the moon,
Who is the lord of the world,
Who is the lord of the universe,
Who is the Lord of Sathi Devi,

And who destroys the sorrows of his devotees.
Na janako, na janani na cha sodharo,
Na thanayona cha bhooribalam kulam,
Avathi kopi na kalavasam gatham,
Bhajatha re manuja girijapatheem. 2

Hey man, pray the lord of the daughter of the mountain,
For, when you are going to the god of death,
Neither father nor mother nor brother,
Nor sons nor your family with many members,
Can ever save you for sure.

Muraja dindima vadhya vichakshanam,
Madhura panchama nada visharadham,
Pramadha bhootha ganairapi sevitham,
Bhajatha re manuja girijapatheem. 3

Hey man, pray the lord of the daughter of the mountain,
Who is an expert in playing small and big drums,
Who is very clever in singing the panchama tune,
And who is served by bhoothas like pramadha.

Saranadham sukhadham sarananwitham,
Shiva shivethi shivethi nrutham nrynaam,
Abhayadham karunavarunalayam,
Bhajatha re manuja girijapatheem. 4

Hey man, pray the lord of the daughter of the mountain,
Who gives protection and pleasure to those who approach,
Who is worshipped by people as Shiva, Shiva, Shiva,
And who is the protector and sea of mercy.

Nara siro rachitham phani kundalam,
Bhujaga hara brutham, vrushabha dwajam,
Chithira jotha vali krutha vigraham,
Bhajatha re manuja girijapatheem. 5

Hey man, pray the lord of the daughter of the mountain,
Who decorates himself with skulls of humans,
Who wears ear studs made of snakes,
Who wears a garland of snakes,
Who has a flag of a bull,
And who is white due to applied ash from the ground of cremation.

Makha vinasa karam, sasi shekharam,
Sathatha madhwara bhaji phala pradham,
Pralaya dagdha surasura manusham,
Bhajatha re manuja girijapatheem. 6

Hey man, pray the lord of the daughter of the mountain,
Who destroyed a fire sacrifice,
Who adds the moon's crescent to himself,
Who always gives blessing to those who do fire sacrifices,
And who burns man, devas and asuras at the time of deluge.

Madamapaasyachiram hrudhi samsthitham,
Marana janma jara bhaya peeditham,
Jagadu deekshya sameepa bhaya kulam,
Bhajatha re manuja girijapatheem. 7

Hey man, pray the lord of the daughter of the mountain,
Leaving the arrogance which is in your mind for long,
Realizing that world is fully fear struck,
Of death, birth and old age.

Hari virincha suradhipa poojitham,
Yama jalesa dhanesa namaskutham,
Trinayanam sameepa bhayakulam,
Bhajatha re manuja girijapatheem. 8

Hey man, pray the lord of the daughter of the mountain,
Who is worshipped by Vishnu, Brahma and Indra,
Who is saluted by lords of death, ocean and wealth,
Who has three eyes and fearful when he nears.

Pasupatheridham ashtakam athbutham,
Virachitham pruthwee pathi soorinaa,
Padathi samsrunuthe manuja sada,
Shiva purim vasathe labathe sukham. 9

The man who always reads or hears,
This wonderful octet on the lord of all beings,
Written by Soori who is the king of the world,
Would reach the world of Shiva and happily live there.

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